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I help pop artists achieve that purpose with hand-crafted audio

My name is Steve, and

I love to create music for pop artists to help them achieve their goals.

My heart is set on helping develop pop artists and songwriters to the point of being ready to be packaged and pitched to publishers, managers and / or record labels.  I have a passion for artist development that pushes past the point of just "creating a track".  Now don't get me wrong, I love what I do when I'm head first into building a track, but I want our relationship to be than "just a track".  I want it to be purposeful and have a clearly defined goal in mind.  As a producer, I help my clients figure out what that goal is and structure our time together to work towards that goal.  So by the end they have the catalog and tools necessary to start reaching out to industry people.

I have been a musician for over 20 years and have had the great opportunity to pitch songs to such brands as Netflix, TV Land, Warner Bros, and ABC.  I have written songs for artists signed to Sony.  I have also had the honor of publishing companies pushing songs in my catalog.  A couple of my songs have even become semi-finalists in the International Songwriting Competition.  But best of all, I have had the greatest pleasure working with lovers of pop music from all over!



Mikalyn Hay

"Steve is an awesome guy to work with. His work ethic is great, and he works fast. He is very open to new ideas and easy to talk to, making every session fun. I can see my self doing lots of writing and producing with Steve in the future."

-Mikalyn Hay (singer / songwriter)

Sash Hmoryk

"Steve was great to work with.  Extremely professional and considerate as well as fast-paced and efficient. He takes your ideas into consideration and creates something great out of it. He’s respectful, kind, easy-going, and talented. I’d recommend him to anyone looking for quality content. 

-Sasha Hromyk (singer / songwriter)

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